We boast 3,500 m2 of mist propagation installations for the production of cuttings from rooted olive trees, 20,000 m2 of greenhouses for the growth and production of the end olive tree and 3 hectares of certified parent plants.

Our selection begins in the parent plant fields where we select the best vegetation for its reproduction and production of top quality cuttings earmarked for the mist propagation rooms.

In these installations, with strict plant-protection monitoring, the cuttings are rooted in paper-pots, under constant temperature and humidity control.

During this rooting process, the water is purified, ensuring the health of the plant whilst promoting an excellent root system.

At the end of the process, the selected plants are transplanted to their final plant pot using top-quality peat and containers, which boosts their growth and final formation.

The results are perfectly formed plants, with an upright stalk and a healthy and uniform root system. This facilitates the final planting in the field due to its easy management and ensures success.

Varieties of certified olive trees: · Arbequina S-91, Arbequina  IRTA  i- 18, Picual i- 3, Frantoio i- 4, Arbosana i- 43, Koroneiki.




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